Jellyfish lights

Utterly jellyfish_lights.jpguseless for me, what with having no pool and all, but how cool are these floating jellyfish lights?

All show and no sting, these battery-operated Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights unleash a kaleidoscope of color as they float in the water. For larger pools, unleash a flotilla to create a crowd-pleasing effect.

  • Crafted of durable PVC
  • Realistic, fiber-optic tentacles emit a vibrant glow
  • Top changes colors throughout the light show
  • Controlled by a simple auto-off switch

Uses four AA batteries (included).

laser_show.jpgAnd while you are there looking at lights I don’t need, check out the underwater light show projector they have. Should be cool for pool owners. (via boingboing)

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