Major slip from Astroglide manufacturer

If you’ve ordered a free sample from Astroglide maker BioFilm in the past 4 years, there’s a good chance your contact information – specifically name and mailing address – was out on the web for all to see. Of course, I’m sure many of you will claim to have never ordered the free sample, but since I know how much married men like to prevent hand-chafing, I’m sure there are a few liars saying this. Admittedly, having someone get just your name and address is no big deal, but security slips like this are sadly frequent. Remember how easily this happened next time you try signing up for something free online.

More than 250,000 people’s names and addresses are now naked on the web after the maker of a popular sexual lubricant called Astroglide accidentally exposed lists of people who bought or requested free samples of its products, proving that there’s no such thing as a free lubricant. BioFilm, a privately-held California company specializing in sexual lubricants, exposed customer data files dating from 2003 to 2007 to Google’s search engine in early April. Google then indexed the pages and made local cache copies. A search on an individual’s name now reveals that person’s home address and the product they requested or ordered.

To my knowledge, the company has not informed people affected by this error.

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