WoodPod – Case modding comes to the iPod domain

This is kinda old news, but since I’be been on a case-mod-seeing virtual self-guided tour lately and came upon it again, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it. Wanting to improve the appearance of his iPod, ZapWizard decided to create a new custom face-plate for it. You can see his excellent write-up (with pictures) of how he created this beauty. Seeing this makes me weep for my lack of hand-skills.

wood-pod_crop.jpg This photo is snagged from the original article at Bit-Tech and cropped. Apologies for cutting off the bit-tech identifier, but I wanted a narrower pic for my site. I just want to make sure no one thinks I’m taking any credit for the image as posted. All respect to the original article hosts at Bit-Tech and the fantastic write-up for it by ZapWizard.

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