Recent lies from the right

Recently, I was listening to one of the local conservative talk radio stations and I heard a couple of lies the right wants you to believe. They are not true, though, and knowing about the lies the politicians will tell you is an important step in voting intelligently. Don’t vote for a party – vote for a candidate. Make sure you know enough about the people for whom you vote. The worst thing you can do is vote for someone based on their party affiliation when you don’t know anything about them. Continue reading “Recent lies from the right”

People and their pets, the most messed up things to do

OK, so lots of people have pets. And of those lots of people, a vast majority would say they love their pets. However, there are a wacky few who mean that in a different way than you or I would. You know, the people most likely to end up on Animal Cops on Animal Planet for doing very un-nice things. Well, here are some tales of such people. Continue reading “People and their pets, the most messed up things to do”

The ultimate green case mod?

Do you do case mods on your computer? Although I haven’t done any lately, I do mod work when I have time (in fact, I’m about to work on a purple case for a good friend who is fighting cancer right now). I love showing off my case mods when I can. Most modders I know do. However, here is one modder who I am pretty sure didn’t show off his modding work to many people. It’s in polish, but here’s the image and an idea of why police cared about this mod: Continue reading “The ultimate green case mod?”