The ultimate green case mod?

Do you do case mods on your computer? Although I haven’t done any lately, I do mod work when I have time (in fact, I’m about to work on a purple case for a good friend who is fighting cancer right now). I love showing off my case mods when I can. Most modders I know do. However, here is one modder who I am pretty sure didn’t show off his modding work to many people. It’s in polish, but here’s the image and an idea of why police cared about this mod:

potintapc.jpgA few days ago police in Poland arrested a 17 year old kid who ran a mini-farm of cannabis inside his PC. The PC was normally used but modded to contain a light source, and keep humidity and temperature at proper levels.

So I’m thinking it was a successful case mod, and in the modding community, I think we always recognize and compliment innovative and successful mods.

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