Day: October 12, 2006

  • Bush has air-travel troubles, too

    Often, The Onion is a source of much suckage posing as humor. Today, though, I found a post that made me laugh.

  • Cringely on Internet gambling

    Over at PBS, Robert Cringely has a very thoughtful article on the recently passed Internet gambling banning law. Naturally, Cringely makes sure to jump on the “It helps the terrorists!” bandwagon, which is a nice touch, I think. I’ve been reading his columns (for every ‘him’ that has made up Robert Cringely) for nearly 15 […]

  • The best airport security quote yet

    I’ve written about the confiscated rock at the airport already. You’ve probably even seen the article posted elsewhere on the great big, wild intarw3b. Now, check out Bruce Schneier’s brief post on the confiscated rock. At the end, you’ll get this, the greatest quote so far to come from the security theater that is airport […]

  • Eye candy – please smile for us you beautiful woman

    Man, if I ever have a chance to set my self up with another future ex-Mrs. RagManX, I’m so totally chasing Jessica Alba until she says yes or gets a restraining order. I think I’m in love. And this time, it’s real. Oh, and yes these pictures are large. That’s because there’s too much “I’m […]