Day: October 3, 2006

  • Today in History – OJ acquitted

    I wanted to title the post OJ gets away with murder, but then I figure someone would accuse me of slandering the man (or is it libeling – I never can keep them straight and I’m too lazy to check which is in print and which is verbal), and I just wanted a humorous title. […]

  • Nintendo reveals possibly final bit of Wii puzzle

    WTF? The latest feature Nintendo is revealing for the Wii is Mii? Yes, Nintendo is letting the world know that on the Wii, you can now have Mii, and each Mii is specific to each me, for each channel. In other words – custom avatars. After months of secrecy, Nintendo unveiled the Wii’s remaining features […]

  • More Coulrophobia news

    Another of the many posts I make thanks to co-workers and friends. So, if you are coulrophobic, what’s one thing you don’t want to see happen? Well, perhaps you’d be unhappy to find a clown running for mayor. A real clown is running for mayor of Alameda, and even his sister won’t vote for him. […]

  • Wacko kills kids in Amish school building

    I was taking a nap yesterday. I had asked my mother to call me at a certain time to wake me up so I wouldn’t be late for work. When she called, she told me about this nutjob who had taken over an Amish school in Pennsylvania. I didn’t have time to post about it […]

  • Hysterics over H.R. 6166 – Military Commissions Act of 2006

    While catching up on much of my geek reading for the day, I stumbled on this boingboing article about the newly enacted bill H.R. 6166 – what many are calling the US torture law or something to that effect. In it, the person who sent boingboing the article tries to induce hysteria by claiming that […]