Nintendo reveals possibly final bit of Wii puzzle

WTF? The latest feature Nintendo is revealing for the Wii is Mii? Yes, Nintendo is letting the world know that on the Wii, you can now have Mii, and each Mii is specific to each me, for each channel. In other words – custom avatars.

After months of secrecy, Nintendo unveiled the Wii’s remaining features at a series of press events around the world last month. In addition to the much-rumored prices and release dates, the system’s last secret was revealed to be the Wii Channels system. Key amongst the various channels is the ability to create your own virtual avatar in teh Mii channel, and play that character in titles like Wii Sports.

But hey, you can have a custom avatar in each Mii channel, so when you are playing Super-Party-Combat-Fight-Game-Mario 8, you can look different than when you are playing Ninja-Fighting-Robot-Pirate-Monkey-Puzzle-Stealthfest 3. And yes, I totally made those games up. I want a Wii, stupid name be damned. And Nintendo does some hella fine games, honestly. I think the Wii is going to do quite well over it’s lifetime. But touting avatars which can vary per channel seems a bit questionable as a great big super-secret feature to me.

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