Why one won’t worry walking with wood burning

Sorry, I just couldn’t carry the alliteration any further. But I think that’s a decent article title just for getting things going when talking about fire-walking. Since it seems many consider it some sort of mystical mystery, how about we look to LiveScience.com for an explanation of the phenomenon from a professor trying to get students interested in thermodynamics.

Physics professor David Willey doesn’t use chalk and formulas to spark his students’ interest in thermodynamics.

He walks on fire.

“Nothing gets a student’s attention like the possibility that I might kill myself,” said Willey, this year’s winner of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

That bit then leads in to an explanation of just how firewalking is possible. Here’s the punchline – wood is a bad conductor. If you know what that means, then just jump ahead to the next article. If that’s not enough to clue you in, then please hit LiveScience.com for the full article.

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