Learn to draw online

(via LifeHacker)
Here is a site I could have used 15 years ago in college.  I have a brother who is a pretty good artist.  I have the drawing skills of a ferret using a calligraphy pen to draw on pressed reeds (no, I don’t have any idea where that comparison came from).  That made my required art class much tougher for me than I would have liked.  But the folks at DrawSpace seem to think they can help folks like me learn to draw any way.  Here’s a snip of their front page.  Missing is any of the advanced courses, and most of the beginner and intermediate ones as well.  This is just a small sample of what is offered.


And since I’m sure just seeing what a few of the lessons offered are isn’t enough to convince most folks, why not look at one of the (advanced) skills purported to be learnable.


If you can’t do that now, but would like to be able to, it’s time to hit Drawspace and learn.
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