No fluids on planes? Idiocy in action

A terrorist plot is foiled, then we elevate the restrictions on normal people travelling by plane.  So we are rewarding the terrorists for attempting to bring planes down by continually restricting travellers’ freedoms and imposing limited restrictions on what people can bring on flights.  Let’s not continue doing this half-assed, folks – stop all carry-ons, implement 100% checked baggage checks, and just get to the end.  Every time the “authorities” restrict certain items being carried on planes, the bad guys just come up with a different way to attack.  Let’s just put up the biggest barrier we can, and see what they come up with next, OK?

That out of the way, I love The Consumerist’s photo essay of what it is like now in the airports.  In particular, this last photo is priceless, given the caption used on the site:


Now that we have all the incendiary devices collected, let’s dump them together and smash them.

I notice that the brilliant folks that came up with the idea of smashing the suspected explosives are nowhere to be seen.  “Let’s let the minimum wagers handle it!” seems to be the way to handle it.  Way to come up with a “great idea,” not think through the consequences of said brilliance, and then let people who earn less than you bear the risks.

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