Day: July 18, 2006

  • Astronomy picture of the day

    Noctilucent clouds over Sweden Explanation: Sometimes it’s night on the ground but day in the air. As the Earth rotates to eclipse the Sun, sunset rises up from the ground. Therefore, at sunset on the ground, sunlight still shines on clouds above. Under usual circumstances, a pretty sunset might be visible, but unusual noctilucent clouds […]

  • Apple to rent videos online?

    (via As Dan Gillmor notes on his blog, this is contrary to Apple’s normal method of selling content. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true though. In fact, given the reliability of Think Secret (where the original article is posted), it seems likely that this will come to be. We shall have to wait […]

  • Radium – Boon or Menace?

    Originally printed in the June 1932 issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics, this article now reprinted on Modern Mechanix asks the important question “Radium – Boon or Menace?” It seems like a simple question, but back then, most people knew so little about radiation. RECENTLY the press reported the case of a wealthy man who […]

  • The Vidco Copy Cart – old school video game piracy

    (via RetroThings) I actually knew someone who had one of these Atari 2600 cartridge copying things (well, I knew someone who knew someone who had one, but I actually saw the thing in action at my friend’s house). Plug an original Atari 2600 cartridge in one end, plug the erasable and reuseable copy cartridge in […]

  • Portable music players loaded primarily with legal music

    (via Ars Technica) A recent study by the marketing research company Ipsos Insight shows that more than 70% of all music on portable music players is acquired through legal means, and that the percentage of legal music is growing. Nearly half the music on players is ripped from the users’ own collections, and roughly one-quarter […]

  • Guide to net neutrality

    (via LifeHacker) With all the buzz going on about ‘net neutrality, it might be good to actually understand what it means and why it matters.  So if you don’t already have all the necessary information on what the whole net neutrality issue is, read up on the How Stuff Works Network Neutrality Primer. The net […]

  • Man with bomb parts boards plane – all involved point fingers

    (via boingboing) Given how many people go through all the airports here in the US, I think it’s totally understandable that sometimes, some people get through screening that shouldn’t. When it does happen, though, I think figuring out what went wrong and trying to fix it beats playing the blame game. Unfortunately, in Houston, the […]

  • Sure route to Happy-Land!

    I’ve always wanted to go there, and thanks to the way-back machine that is Modern Mechanix, I now know how to find Happy-Land. It turns out the way was hidden in the November 1939 issue of Popular Science. [tags]Modern Mechanix, Happy Land[/tags]

  • Ted Nugent comments on the French

    (via Snopes) If you know anything about Ted Nugent, the following bit from an interview he did with a British journalist won’t surprise you. And yes, he did make the comment in a May 2006 interview conducted by a British journalist Robert Chalmers for The Independent on Sunday, the expanded Sunday version of the UK […]

  • CNN and the war

    Two US Marines are listening to the radio in Iraq. “American soldiers,” coos a soft female voice, “Your so-called national Leaders have lied to you. You are needlessly risking your lives to wage A useless, unjust, illegal, and unwinnable war. Now is the time to return home to your loved ones, while you are still […]

  • Magic cat?

    [tags]Magic cat[/tags]

  • Eye candy – Olympic retrospective

    I don’t think beauty gets much better than that. [tags]Eye Candy, Amanda Beard[/tags]