Day: July 5, 2006

  • Hero MMORPG free play

    (via Joystiq) Not sure what to say about this one, so I’ll take the lazy method and steal Joystiq’s content tonight: Martial arts-inspired MMORPG Hero Online has announced that an open beta will begin on June 30 and last for at least a month. For those of you tired of WoW and the others, this […]

  • How a Fireworks Magician Tames Dynamite

    Here’s a pretty cool old article at Modern Mechanix. I just hate that I didn’t see it in time to post for the July 4th holiday. It’s a Modern Mechanix magazine 1934 article about how fireworks speciailists deal with dynamite in a safe manner. Flaming dynamite and exploding mortars are the chief tools of the […]

  • Radical new technology: “Carryphone”

    (via Modern Mechanix) I’m not too sure I buy into the idea of a phone which you can carry with you. But the folks at Popular Science thought in 1947 that this was a good idea – at least good enough to get an article about it. Engineers and trainmen can keep in constant touch […]

  • Free introduction to probability book

    (via boingboing) I think this one is higher on my “geeks-only” scale than most of the things I post here. Regardless, it interests me, so you get to hear about it, too. The fine folks at Dartmouth are now giving away under a GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) the PDF version of their introduction to […]

  • That’s Ms. Pirate to you

    For the neglected eye-candy category. In honor of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie (due out this Friday). [tags]Eye Candy, Kierra Knightley, Pirates of the Caribbean[/tags]

  • Worth 1000 – Alternate materials

    A gallery from of many objects made with unique materials. One of my favorites is this XBox controller. I think I could use one of these. [tags]Worth1000, Alternate materials[/tags]

  • Hand-shadows (free) ebook

    (via MAKE ezine blog) Perfect for those of you with children of your own.  Here is a Project Gutenberg provided e-book (that means you can legally download it for free in the US and possibly elsewhere) to guide you on making shadow critters.  Originally published in 1859, the book was released for free by the […]

  • On Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

    A recent post at Tingilinde pointed this one out. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear that originates in the Biblical verse Revelation 13:18 which indicates that the number 666 is the Number of the Beast, linked to Satan or the Anti-Christ. Outside the Christian faith, the phobia has been further popularized as a leitmotif in various horror […]

  • Prey Limited Edition announced

    (via Joystiq) I missed this when it first came out, but I’ll post it anyway for any other folks who might have missed it as well.  3D Realms has announced the Limited Edition of Prey, now available for pre-order.  For a mere $10 above the standard edition, you get Prey on DVD, a shiney metal […]