Prey Limited Edition announced

(via Joystiq)
I missed this when it first came out, but I’ll post it anyway for any other folks who might have missed it as well.  3D Realms has announced the Limited Edition of Prey, now available for pre-order.  For a mere $10 above the standard edition, you get Prey on DVD, a shiney metal box, a book of artwork, and two (three for pre-orders) pewter figurines.

Prey is one of the few shooters I’m interested in trying.  I didn’t get into Half-Life all that much, and still haven’t tried Half-Life 2.  I have SiN episode 1 (it was $8 at Circuit City on Sunday – possibly all this week), but haven’t installed and tried it yet.  And I haven’t even wanted to play Doom 3 after trying it for 5 minutes on my brother’s system.  But Prey just sounds cool to me.  I may have to order this one.
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