Charlie Daniels on Zarqawi’s demise

Yes, that Charlie Daniels. Not only is he a talented musician, he’s a very bright individual who is not the least bit ashamed of his conservative views. I read his soapbox postings off and on, and always find them worth reading, even if I disagree. His latest is spot-on in calling to task the liberals who act as if getting Zarqawi is a minor news item.

Senator Harry Reid and the libernuts in Washington are acting as if the demise of one of the top three terrorists in the world was nothing more than swatting a worrisome mosquito.

Come on guys, nobody said that it was going to end the war in Iraq but it’s a great step along the way, his name was Zarqawi, remember him? He’s the guy responsible for murdering children on a school bus who had done nothing more than being born into the opposite sect of Muslims.

Can’t you even congratulate the troops for a job well done?
Can’t you take just a little bit of joy in this great victory? Why do you always have to be so negative, are you so bent on politics that you can’t even be glad when we have a big win?

What is it with you guys? Are your real interests in the welfare of America or the welfare of your political party? It’s hard to figure out why you can’t even say a few kind words about the men and women in uniform who have ridded the world of one of the most bloodthirsty, cruel and diabolical monsters ever born.

Regardless of how you feel about the war can’t you be happy for the people of Iraq who have suffered at the hands of this
demented master terrorist? Can’t you even acknowledge that we are starting to get cooperation from Iraqi citizens who are sick and tired of Zarqawi and his kind?

I’ve discussed something like this with a cow-orker recently. No one with any sense should be happy to hear when a President is performing badly or makes a serious mistake. Yet so many people seem glad to hear bad employment news, failings to take out military targets, and other things that might “prove” one party or the other is doing badly. But this is just nonsense. Sure, support your own party and all that, but if the current administration screws up, don’t celebrate. When we have problems at the top, it comes all the way down, eventually. My cow-orkers example was when conservatives kept hoping for high unemployment numbers under Clinton. The problem with that is, some of those very people hoping for those bad numbers could be among the unemployed. If you don’t like who is in charge now, that’s fine – but don’t wish bad things on them, or we all stand to suffer.

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