Another reason to not consume at Starbucks

My wife tries to avoid Starbucks, but she doesn’t outright boycott the chain like she does Wal-Mart.  Her reasons for both companies is the same – too big, squashes the locals.  In case that’s not enough reason for you (and honestly, I know for most that doesn’t matter), how about stupid lawsuits?  The latest I’ve heard about is in this article at The Consumerist (titled Starbucks Sues Doubleshot Espresso):

The latest in Starbucks exciting oeuvre of frivolous lawsuits against companies too small to defend themselves is a Tulsa, Oklahoma coffee shop called “DoubleShot Coffee.” Starbucks threatened to sue because the name of the shop was similar to their own Double Shot Espressos. Or anyone else’s Double Shot Espressos for that matter… that’s why the name was picked to begin with. As the owner of the shop says, “It’s a common thing you’d find in any coffee shop… It would be like Starbucks suing over the name ‘coffee’ in our name. It’s ridiculous.”

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