Month: March 2006

  • 64 Gig on a USB 2.0 flash drive?

    (via Engadget) As I write this, I am mere moments away from drooling. I have no need for it. I have no practical reason to get one. But it’s shiny, and pretty, and I could whip it out and show everyone that mine is the biggest. Of course, it is $15,000. Is carrying a 64 […]

  • Ben Stein comments on the Oscars

    (via Snopes) Ben Stein is great.  He is entertaining and intelligent.  When he has something to say, it’s usually worth reading.  So tonight, I’m posting a link back to an article he wrote on the faux patriotism of the Hollywood “elite” at the Oscars.  A brief snippet follows: I did not see every second of […]

  • Worth1000 fake magazine covers

    Another fine contest at Worth1000. This time, entrants are creating fake magazine covers. So many entries entertain, and so little space to give samples here. Let’s pick a couple of good ones. [tags]Worth1000[/tags]

  • More Digital Restriction Mangling protest

    (via boingboing) I have got to get me one of these shirts.  Only $8 for your standard sizes, plus $3-$5 for larger or smaller sizes (like XL, XS, and children’s sizes). [tags]DRM shirts, Anti-DRM[/tags]

  • A brief history of Pr0n

    (via boingboing) Pardon the mangling, but some filters won’t even let the term through when that ‘0’ is replaced with an ‘o’ and the ‘r’ and ‘o’ are switched.  Makes a dirty word, I guess.  Anyway, some folks over at are building a timeline of pr0n.  Interesting, but far from comprehensive – quite incomplete, […]

  • A site dedicated to hating DRM

    (via boingboing) If you’ve read much of what I post, you might have picked up on the fact that I think Digital Restriction Mangling is a bad thing.  I knew I wasn’t the only one, but here is someone who is really dedicated to hating DRM. Welcome to the “official” I Hate DRM site.  Over […]

  • Suggested name change for DRM – I concur

    (via Dubious Quality) David Berlind at ZDNet has come up with a name change suggestion for Digital Restriction Mangling (DRM – real meaning Digital Rights Management). Instead, he proposes calling it CRAP instead. A fitting name, and very accurate. Hi, I’m David Berlind, Executive Editor at ZDNet. Today, we’re going to talk about a rather […]

  • Buy your own Enigma machine!

    (via boingboing) You know, it appears that you really can buy just about anything on ebay.  Check out the auction in German, or, if you can’t quite make that out, see the auction in English.  And for the half of my readership that don’t know what an Enigma machine is, read all about it on […]

  • JC Penney makes unfortunate abbreviation choice for new clothing line

    This is just unfortunate. I don’t believe for a second JC Penney intended to name their new clothing line anorexia nervosa, but it seems that’s what happened anyway. Whilst flipping through the Sunday circulars, reader Thomas B. was surprised to see JC Penney’s new clothing line called, “a.n.a. : A New Approach.” A worker in […]

  • Creative combination of Zelda and Pac-Man

    (via Aeropause via 4 Color Rebellion) Some genius took Zelda and Pac-Man, mixed them up in a magical mixing bowl, and baked it up reaaaaallllll goodly. The result is the clever and delightful, umm, well, it has no short name, but the long name is “The Legend of Zelda: The Collecting of Pills” If you […]

  • Play Planetside free for one year

    (via Kotaku) If you are looking for a free, online, massively multiplayer game and you like shooters, you should check out Planetside.  Head to the Planetside home page, download the 2 Gig client, and get to killin’ [tags]Planetside[/tags]

  • Tracking down an unknown driver

    The always informative Mark Russinovich (you may have heard of him – he pretty much broke the Sony DRM malware story) has a brief but detailed article on how he tracked down an unknown driver on his system and why he noticed it in the first place. The other day I used Process Explorer to […]