Suggested name change for DRM – I concur

(via Dubious Quality)

David Berlind at ZDNet has come up with a name change suggestion for Digital Restriction Mangling (DRM – real meaning Digital Rights Management). Instead, he proposes calling it CRAP instead. A fitting name, and very accurate.

Hi, I’m David Berlind, Executive Editor at ZDNet. Today, we’re going to talk about a rather uncomfortable subject, CRAP. That’s right, CRAP. Now, CRAP stands for Content, Restriction, Annulment and Protection. It’s my catchy buzz-phrase for a technology that’s really called DRM. Now DRM technically stands for Digital Rights Management, and it’s a rather cancerous technology that technology vendors are actually building into most of the products that we’re buying today.

So for example, if you own an iPod, it’s got CRAP in it. That’s right, it’s got this technology that will restrict what you can do with your content, allows the owners of the content to annul that content-in other words, take it away from you-or protect it from being copied out onto the internet.

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