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Drinking was involved – dead from overdose

Now normally, drinking and overdosing might be a forgettably passable story.  However, when one overdoses on sexual enhancement drugs

Well, that’s just all kinds of crazy, for sure.

A French man was found dead with drug overdose. Officials found twenty-four DORMILAX pills missing from the strips, a bottle of Thai whiskey and a pack of LM cigarette in the room. Bargirl said that the man took quite a few pills and wanted more sex.

I guess so.  Somewhere in there is a joke about too many sex pills and death that’s just waiting to be expressed right.

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My FaceBook WTF?!? moment

Anyone who uses FaceBook knows there are ads in the sidebar.  I usually ignore them – I’ve been online long enough to automagically tune that stuff out.  Today, however, the FaceBook ad server caught my attention with this WTF moment:

Now I have to figure out just what I’m doing in my surfing that makes FaceBook think that first ad is appropriate for me.  Maybe I need to surf more straight pr0n?  I thought maybe the $1 million from the second ad would be available for me if I got involved with the hot gay men, but sadly, the money is pretend only.

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Carl’s truck

carls-truck.jpgI’ve been spending time lately trying to learn how to use the open source image editing tool GIMP. Since I don’t have a lot of pictures I want to work with, I decided to check out the Library of Congress photo stream on Flickr. These photos are professionally captured images done by government workers, which make them public domain and usable by peons like me. Browsing the 1940s color photos stream, I saw this and couldn’t help but view it as some mid-south good-ol’ boy working on a prized auto.

Now in reality, I’m pretty sure that’s someone working on a plane’s landing gear. But I saw it and thought Satisfied with his new lifters, Carl decides he’ll take the monster truck Saturday for his date with Bobby Sue. And having known a few folks when I was younger that did drive trucks with 3-4 feet clearance or more, it just seemed like some of them would approve of Carl’s plans.

So I know that’s stupid, but wanted to share.

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Rush could be indicted for behavoir regarding Ohio primary?

Well, if you listen to Rush, you might have heard him recommending his Ohio (and Pennsylvania and other states with looming primaries) conservative listeners to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries.  Apparently, the intention is to keep the Democrats fighting between the Barrack and Hillary camps long enough to make uniting the party difficult, thereby giving McCain the upper-hand in November.  Rush is also telling his listeners that he could be indicted for doing this.  That’s true, but it’s unlikely.  Don’t believe me? Well, see what the Ohio Attorney General has to say about Rush’s claims:

“We have no intention of prosecuting Rush Limbaugh because lying through your teeth and being stupid isn’t a crime,” said Leo Jennings, a spokesman for Democratic Attorney General Marc Dann.

Lucky for Rush stupidity isn’t a crime, I guess.  On the other hand, he’d be off the air if it were.  But then, most of us would be indicted, too, at some point in our lives.

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