Carl’s truck

carls-truck.jpgI’ve been spending time lately trying to learn how to use the open source image editing tool GIMP. Since I don’t have a lot of pictures I want to work with, I decided to check out the Library of Congress photo stream on Flickr. These photos are professionally captured images done by government workers, which make them public domain and usable by peons like me. Browsing the 1940s color photos stream, I saw this and couldn’t help but view it as some mid-south good-ol’ boy working on a prized auto.

Now in reality, I’m pretty sure that’s someone working on a plane’s landing gear. But I saw it and thought Satisfied with his new lifters, Carl decides he’ll take the monster truck Saturday for his date with Bobby Sue. And having known a few folks when I was younger that did drive trucks with 3-4 feet clearance or more, it just seemed like some of them would approve of Carl’s plans.

So I know that’s stupid, but wanted to share.

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