Month: March 2008

  • Rush could be indicted for behavoir regarding Ohio primary?

    Well, if you listen to Rush, you might have heard him recommending his Ohio (and Pennsylvania and other states with looming primaries) conservative listeners to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries.  Apparently, the intention is to keep the Democrats fighting between the Barrack and Hillary camps long enough to make uniting the party difficult, […]

  • Satellite kill debriefing

    Some of you may remember the falling satellite that some of our excellent members of the US military were able to shoot down recently. There is plenty of news coverage about the event, both pre-shooting and after the successful shot. There is video, such as this ABC clip from the raw footage captured during the […]

  • Disappointing game launches

    The all time 5 worst game launches? Honestly, that’s a list that has to be tough to narrow down to just 5.  Still, 1Up has managed to highlight the worst offenders.  One managed to recover quite nicely and become one of the highest rated games of all time, but the delivery and verification process at […]

  • Appropriate behavoir from an inappropriate source

    This seems appropriate, given how often she has gagged the rest of us: Unfortunately, it didn’t last, according to the story. [tags]Paris Hilton, Gagged, Miss Turkey, Istanbul[/tags]

  • Censoring a single word

    I had no idea how much the message could change when you bleep out just one single word throughout

  • An interesting UFO poll

    While catching up on some science reading via the QuickJump network, I saw a UFO poll in the rightmost sidebar.  After voting (boring topic, let’s talk other stuff – if you wondered), I was a bit surprised to see these results: I’m just a little shocked at how many answered the kooky options there. [tags]UFO, […]

  • Jesus will survive

    Watching a Larry Lessig talk from last year’s TED, I saw this remix video that I just laughed out loud over. I hear that in the end, Jesus will survive. [tags]Jesus, Larry Lessig, TED, I will survive, Video[/tags]

  • Photoshop disasters

    I’m always amazed at how much a bunch of small changes can really change an image. I mean, yes I know that it’s not that hard to change the images, and yes I know that I should expect big changes from a bunch of small changes. But the results still impress me. However, on the […]

  • Techies: MBA for big money

    Hey, good news if you are thinking about heading back to school for further degree studies.  It seems that techies who get business degrees are better able to overcome the communication gap between managers and worker-grunts.  The end result?  An MBA nearly doubles IT Pros’ salaries. For years, IT professionals looking to increase their job […]

  • Super Energy Apocalypse

    Flash game: Super Energy Apocalypse

  • Australian robbery Phailure!

    Here’s what happens when you assume that having a gun in a gun-free state is all you need to successfully rob a bar.  It’s a Phail so bad, we had to spell it with 5 letters. [liveleak b0b_1204280299] Note for future robbers – when there are 50+ motorcycles in the parking lot, you might want […]

  • Monster’s Den

    Play Monster’s Den online for free at Kongregate