Woman arrested for DWI, mysteriously bleeds profusely while interrogation video off

Potentially disturbing video warning.

[youtube lB_Hl4bcQNc]

This is a video of a woman being processed in a police interrogation room after an arrest for DWI. Mysteriously, at one point during the processing, the video camera is turned off. When it is turned back on, the woman is lying in a pool of her own blood, and shortly afterwards taken away on stretcher to the hospital.dwi-beating.jpg She ends up with two black eyes, two broken teeth, bruises, and, as noted, loss of lots of blood.

The officer has been fired, but is appealing the firing. His attorney claims the officer turned of the tape …in accordance with normal practice. So far, I’ve found no explanation of what normal practice leads to turning off video taping while processing an arrestee. I suspect it is something like “When beating someone, it is normally wise to do so where no video evidence nor eye witnesses can be used against use.” I could be wrong, though – that’s just a theory. The officer explains what happened, thankfully. Again, through the officer’s attorney:

The suspect again tried to leave the room. In the process of stopping her, she fell and injured herself.

I can’t recall the last time I fell while someone tried to stop me from going through a door and I ended up in the condition shown above, but maybe you other folks can help me out on this one.  Anyone got a similar experience where you fell about 10 feet away from the door you are trying to go through (at least, that’s about what it loos to me in the video) and ended up with such injuries?

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Lifting squirrels

From the xkcd blag (I’m a Blahgger, he’s a blagger – we just don’t want to fit in with those filthy bloggers, I guess) comes this fascinating look at using lasers to lift squirrels in to space.photon_squirrel.png Amazingly enough, without taking advantage of reflection, the method described uses the Doc Brown approved 1.21 gigawatts of energy to lift a squirrel. Using a sufficiently focused beam of light along with properly placed lasters, that power requirement can be cut a few orders of magnitude, down around 1 megawatt. dyson_sphere_diagram.jpgThis is a far less interesting number, but much more economically feasible. Understand I’m all for using gross amounts of power to lift squirrels in to outerspace, but I realize the country might not share my willingness to drain from the entire power grid for such a useful pursuit.

Nicely, the blag post transcends merely levitating squirrels, advancing to such necessary topics as generating lasers from the sun, tying them together via Dyson sphere manipulation to create a death ray, and sending a message to our celestial neighbors.

Why settle for interstellar communication when you can have interstellar war? And we could modulate the beam to carry a message — in this case, “FUCK YOU GUYS!”

And ultimately, isn’t that the real purpose of advancing laser studies? Inter-stellar war and Parisian-level offense directed at other galactic entities? Well, that and frikkin’ shark/laser hybrids.

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On killers named Wayne

I frequently find fodder for my other, briefer blog from my regular News of the Weird emails, but rarely use the weird news on the Blahg. A recurring theme in those emails is the improbably high number of killers whose middle name is Wayne. Being a middle-name-is-Wayne kind of guy, I just like to know to whom I am being compared on the oddities scale. With that information, you can probably understand why I’d want to post a News of the Weird image of 3 guys who killed a store owner in a shooting:



Can you guess which one has the middle name of Wayne just from the picture? Read the full article to check your answer.

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