Don’t be this driver

Folks, please don’t be this driver:

railroad-stop01.jpg railroad-stop02.jpg

On the way to work this morning, I was behind this person at a red light. See those thin metal strips under her tires? Railroad tracks. It is 8:03 in that picture. This is an active railway. And I would say 20-25% of the time, there is a train running along these tracks around 8:00 AM. Today, she didn’t buy it. Another day? Well, she might get stuck.

I stopped far enough back that she would be able to roll back if necessary, but there was no space in front of her to pull forward, and the car in front of her was on this side of the railroad tracks until the light turned red and the car ahead of him was able to turn.

Racing a train is stupid. Stopping on the tracks for a 60+ second red light? Well, that’s extra stupid.

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