Hunger strike – shocking photo!

While I’m on a image kick, here’s a news-clipping a former cow-orker shared with me recently.  I think the headline completely conveys the enormity of the situation and the risk this hunger strike brings.


Hopefully she’ll pull through this all right.

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2 thoughts on “Hunger strike – shocking photo!”

  1. Beth, I’m sorry about that. When I got the picture, I thought it was just a case of an unfortunate mis-alignment keeping one picture next to an inappropriate headline. I worked with a wonderful young lady a few years ago who had a similar problem, so I know from talking with her some of what that can be like. She was an avid hiker and outdoors-woman until she topped 400 pounds. Having to give up that activity was hard for her, but her joints could no longer support her keeping active in that way.

    I meant no offense posting this, and did so because I really did think the headline didn’t actually belong with the picture.

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