Day: January 4, 2008

  • AstronautDinosaur

    Every damn place you turn, there’s a dinosaur or an astronaut showing up in your pictures!!!  Here’s dinosaur at Martin Sheen’s house

  • I want to be Neatorama!

    One of the absolutely greatest sites on the great wide intarw3b is Neatorama. I like it almost as much as I like boingboing (which gets bonus points because of Cory Doctorow – one of my favorite online peoply-persons – and Xeni Jardin – one of the sexiest online weblishly-folks), particularly because the frequent oddities that […]

  • Grokking movie ratings

    I’ve not seen Beowulf yet, but I would like to eventually. So while looking for reviews and bits of info on the movie today, I found this restricted audiences only intarweb trailer for the movie. And this begins my wondering at just how little the motion picture ratings board understand rating motion pictures. (I have […]