How It’s Made – Chicks

Just watched an episode of How It’s Made (truly one of the greatest television programs ever), and saw this amazingly cool segment on how chicken farming chicks are brought about.

Oddly, the version we watched had the exact same narration, only it was performed by a male announcer.  Anyway, this is interesting and funny at the same time.  The handling of the chicks is funny, and makes me think the little birds are wondering “Dude, what the fuck?” through much of the process.

Before he was House, he was a psychic

Who knew Hugh Laurie was so versatile?  While catching up on reading James Randi’s web site, I learned that Hugh Laurie used to perform psychic spoon bending way back in the day.

I believe that’s fairly conclusive proof that Hugh Laurie is not only one of the finest actors ever, but an amazingly skilled psychic.  🙂