Hot wife makes lesbian pics for hubby’s birthday. He calls for divorce

You’re 50 years old. You’re married to a woman half your age who is a self-described bi-sexual. She looks like this:

For your birthday, she poses in some lesbian pictures which she gives you as a birthday gift. Is the appropriate response:

  1. fap repeatedly
  2. request another photo-shoot, with you in attendance this time
  3. both 1.) and 2.)
  4. whine and ask for a divorce

Pesonally, I’m going for option 1.) for sure, and 3.) if I can get the O.K. However, if instead you are a former Brady star, the real response is 4.) with the inclusion of complaints that the photos are a manifestation of your worst fears and that they creep you out. Since we are not, however, former (nor current nor future) Brady stars, we’ll celebrate this event with another picture of Ms. Curry along with mention that she has since repeated the momentous photo-shoot with another gal-pal for an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. (via Fark)

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3 thoughts on “Hot wife makes lesbian pics for hubby’s birthday. He calls for divorce”

  1. Added a link to Wikipedia for “Brady stars” to hopefully clarify. The husband in question above is Christopher Knight, better known as Peter Brady (the middle son) from the television show “The Brady Bunch” from the 1970s. I’m so stuck in the past, I sometimes forget these faux cultural references I make aren’t always obvious to others. I apologize for not making that clearer.

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