Spilled chicken grease, poor phrasing

This is such a minor story that it really should be worth mentioning here, but I have a reason. Today, there were several wrecks in Virginia caused by a 20-mile trail of spilled chicken grease.

The Virginia State Police say the smelly grease caused at least four accidents and several spinouts. One person was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Police Sergeant Joe Bunting describes it as a “glassy film” that made the road slick and left a “really funky” odor.

Really, nothing big, right? Well, I felt like pointing it out because of the charges the driver faces:

Bunting says a truck hauling the grease left a Perdue Farms plant with a valve open and the grease poured onto northbound Route 13 before the driver was stopped near the Maryland line. He said the driver would be charged with losing his load. [emphasis mine]

Am I the only person in the world who reads these oddball accounts and laughs when drivers are charged with losing their loads?  Am I the only one who reads that as the adult-movie phrase it clearly isn’t meant to be in these news stories?

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