Day: November 5, 2007

  • I love a parade

    I just shamelessly stole this picture from the Deadly Computer blog. I’m sure that will offend someone. [tags]Parade, I love a parade, Motivational poster[/tags]

  • Maker of Lipitor cites dubious study to keep patients from generic

    We all know that medical care and especially drug costs are crazy high in the US. We’ve probably all heard the many commercials that recommend jumping from name-brand drugs to generic drugs. However, not all drug manufacturers find that to be a good idea. In an attempt to protect the big-money drug LipitorTM, representatives from […]

  • How long does your luck hold against dozens of rattlesnakes?

    In a special show of stupid, a man nicknamed “The Texas Snake Man” has set a new (stupid) world record by sitting in a bathtub with 87 rattlesnakes. Real, live, fanged, venomous rattlesnakes. Another day, another bizarre world record for Jackie Bibby, “The Texas Snake Man.” Bibby spent about 45 minutes in a see-through bathtub […]