Day: September 11, 2007

  • Mmmmmm, cookies

    Dough plus hot car plus baking sheet equals Mmmmmmmm .

  • Danger bomb clock

    Look at this: Isn’t that one of the coolest alarm clocks ever made? Just under $35. W00t! (via GeeksOn) [tags]Danger bomb clock, Danger, Clock, Alarm clock, This bomb’s for you[/tags]

  • Come on Sony and friends – make me want a PS3

    I really want Sony and other developers working on games for the PS3 to release a load of really great games that will finally make me want a PlayStation 3. I already want a Wii, and have since before it was released and became the surprise hit of the current generation of consoles (and I […]

  • Consumers contribute half a billion dollars to Apple

    In a news announcement that absolutely boggles my mind, we find that Apple has sold 1 million iPhones as of today – weeks ahead of their predicted mark of the end of September. Apple Inc. said Monday it sold its one millionth iPhone on Sunday, just 74 days after its introduction and ahead of its […]