How not to find the perfect partner

After finding the perfect woman online, Des Gregor travelled to Mali to meet his beautiful, blushing bride-to-be and collect a rather generous dowry. Naturally, we wouldn’t want to cover it on the Blahg if it ended there and everyone lived happily ever after.

An Australian farmer who was kidnapped and beaten in Mali after walking into an Internet bride scam has pleaded with people to be careful looking for online love.

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“I was tied, bound by the legs, and that was only probably for a couple of days because they knew that I was going to cooperate. There was always one bloke sleeping at the door, there was no way out,” Gregor told Australian media.

He is back home and safe other than the lasting mental trauma of the ordeal. Read the full article for how he escaped and his words of wisdom to all future online love-seekers.

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