God caused Minn. bridge collapse because of gays?

I really can’t even understand intolerant people like this.  I mean, I’m a hateful and intolerant person, but not on this scale.

Rev. Phelps says God hates Minnesota, the “land of the sodomite damned.”

The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., plans to stage protests at funerals of victims of the 35W bridge collapse to state that God made the bridge fall because he hates America, and especially Minnesota, because of its tolerance of homosexuality.

. . .

The signs that the protesters will wave will read:

“God cast down the bridge… Thank God for 9/11… America is doomed… God hates fags… God hates fag enablers… God hates Minnesota.”

Um, WTF?  See, the church I go to and the God I believe in teach tolerance and love.  Even people who do evil (and given that I have some very close friends who are gays or lesbians, I don’t even agree with their view that homosexuals are evil) deserve love, compassion, and our prayers, according to the biblical teachings I was exposed to.

Maybe Phelps and his followers never learned about Jesus and that whole New Testament thing? (via Deep Something)

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