Another of my new interests

After years of not playing around with it, I have gotten back into POV-Ray. I am working through the tutorial that comes with the program (also available in HTML format) and another cool tutorial I found online that looks helpful. So far, here is the best image I have achieved on my own.


Unimpressive to most, I am sure, but I am trying to figure out how to make marbles. A scene of mostly clear, slightly internally reflective, colored glass balls (with a couple of reflective metal ones for effect) is helping me to understand a little how some of the lighting settings work. I know there are lots of folks who could crank out this kind of thing in minutes, but I still know so little about the scene description language that I am taking it slowly and learning just a tiny bit at a time.

And most importantly – I am having fun learning something with no obvious career motivation.

And I still don’t know why posts are showing up 2-3 times each.  They are only in the database a single time.  I’ve had to go to a couple of Dr. appointments today with my youngest son to find out he had a fleck of metal in his eye and to get part of the metal removed, so I haven’t had more than about the 3 minutes I’ve spent on this post to worry about the site.  Perhaps tomorrow the wife will actually do something useful and allow me time to do things for me.

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  1. ragman,

    No need to post it 3 times, we get it you like marbles!!!! 😉

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