Posting again – hackery at work

Thanks to Andrew’s suggestion that I use Windows Live Writer, I’m able to post again.  The program has improved significantly since I first tested and rejected it.  There are still some problems I have with it, but I think in part they tie in to the problems I have with how WordPress handles posts and the HTML code behind the posts, so I’ll have to sit back and work out those issues behind the scenes.

I have no idea WTF is up with year-old comments showing up as recent comments in the sidebar, there, but that’s another issue I’ll have to figure out later.

Now that I’m posting, look for loads of updates in the next few days as I try to get caught up.  Might not be much today while I deal with real-life crap (I’m looking at you, crapped out Air Conditioner), but tomorrow or possibly even tonight I can get going again.

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