Test post

This is extremely frustrating.  I cannot post via normal posting methods for my site software.  My remote posting is only working about 10% of the time.  I can’t figure out why either fails to work.  I”m going crazy.

And my air conditioning in the house is barely working because of a bad blower fanwheel (which will hopefully get fixed tomorrow).  I’m not happy-RagMan right now.  🙁

4 thoughts on “Test post”

  1. Just be glad it isn’t hot out yet.

    At least get some kudo’s from your wife about the AC/heat. Walk around the house and keep saying, “It’s all W’s fault.”

    I am sure she will take your “church / praying” post a bit more serious.


  2. Wait — WordPress isn’t working for you? If you need help, drop me a note. WordPress is perfection itself; it cannot fail.

    Are you using Windows Live Writer with it? Why not? 🙂

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