The future of hi-def DVD?

Some interesting rumbles going on in the retail market lately. Rumblings from the sales-outlet side indicate Target will carry only Blu-Ray players this holiday season, Blockbuster will expand Blu-ray offerings but not HD-DVD movies, and BJs wholesale will stop carrying Hi-Def DVD movies in store (although the format will still be available to online shoppers for the wholesaler). Microsofts support of HD-DVD aside, this suggests Blu-ray is going to push further ahead in the fight for next-gen DVD supremacy.

Could Sony have avoided the Beta-Max/PSP Memory Stick Duo/Digital8 losing format problem they seem to have suffered since the days of the Walkman? It is looking like Blu-ray is coming out on top this time, which has to be good news to Sony. (some information via Joystiq and more Joystiq)

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