For all those that complain of high gas prices

Soooooo, right here’s the problem.

Like many holiday travelers, Ron Evenhaim isn’t going to let rising gasoline prices curtail his plans for a weekend getaway.

Evenhaim rented a 40-foot diesel RV to take his family of five on the 300-mile round trip from his home in suburban Los Angeles to Lake Isabella in the Tehachapi Mountains.

. . .

An AP-Ipsos poll showed that nearly half the country says gas prices are causing a “serious hardship,” but fewer people than last year are reducing their driving, trimming other expenses or curtailing vacation plans due to higher energy costs.

“Ummmm, yeah. That thar gas pricing shore is hurtin’ us. We can’t not hardly afford tuh keep takin’ both cars tuh th’ bingo game every Thursday…”

Maybe – just maybe – people need to consider cutting back on how much driving they do? I know it’s a wacky idea, but it just might help. Seems like gas prices hurting the pocketbook might lead to some changes in driving practices. But not in America.

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