Interactive touchable tetris board

This is hard for me to explain concisely and well, so I’ll just slap up the image, direct you to the details of construction, and let you marvel at the interactive touch-board LED-based tetris game.


What is this thing? It’s the game of Tetris but played on a device that is composed of 240 buttons. So if you want to move the Tetris block right/left, you simply touch a button left or right of the current piece. To rotate a block you touch a button in one of the top two rows. And to drop a block you touch the bottom row. It’s a hands on Tetris game! Watch:

A few ‘wow’ numbers:

  1. 16 microcontrollers
  2. Total of 256 MIPS
  3. 720 LEDs
  4. 1.5A current draw
  5. 1300 lines of code
  6. 28800 bits being updated per second
  7. 9 people
  8. ? man hours

The full write-up is extensive and very interesting. There are pictures of the 2×2 board that is the basis for the entire system. But as awesome as it would be to have this, their estimate for pricing is around $1500. I believe that’s a touch more than the wife would let me spend.

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