Associated Press coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting spree

Since most of the sites on the web posting news about the Virginia Tech shootings appear to be getting their stories from the Associated Press, I’ll minimize my comments about the shooting and just direct my visitors to the AP special coverage section (here’s a shorter link if that one is broken) for more details.

I’m finding the site to behave poorly in K-Meleon, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I don’t know if that’s an issue with my system or their code, but I wanted to mention it in case others have problems readying some of the site news.

Look for more coverage of the mishandling of the incident as more details are known. It’s easy for outsiders to second guess the administrators and security personnel now that we know what happened. Remember that knowing the appropriate response is much more difficult when dealing with the situation as it happens. I understand people saying that there should have been more effort to warn the student body and possibly close the school earlier, but the information available on the event as it happened may not have made that seem like the right option. Just be patient and see what we learn over the next day or so.

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