Day: March 27, 2007

  • Buttons – post the quartereth

    The fourth of several posts on buttons I need to have so I can wear them to work. [tags]Buttons I need[/tags]

  • I want to buy a car like this

    Doing his job, minding his own business, driving people around as is required of a taxi-driver, Tom Matthews was recently clocked going a little over the speed limit. Just how much is “a little over the speed limit” anyway?

  • Chong family values

    From a few years back: Tommy Chong’s arrest for selling drug paraphenalia online and our (still) over-protective government’s efforts then

  • Color changing goodness

    A guide to changing eye colors with Photoshop at TechEBlog

  • On the DC gun ban ruling

    I’ve just read the best commentary on the DC gun ban ruling I’ve seen (out of the very few places that have covered it) over at the Reason magazine web site. As the real root of the article, the author wonders why the federal appeals court ruling the gun ban unconstitutional is “interpreting the Second […]