Day: March 19, 2007

  • Another contender for parent of the year

    It’s disappointing to see folks like this reproducing and raising children. A 20-year-old Shreveport woman has been arrested after her first-grade son brought a rock of crack cocaine to school for show-and-tell. Police were especially disturbed by the child’s understanding of crack cocaine. They said he seemed so accustomed to the highly addictive drug that […]

  • More portable apps

    A recently posted list of portable apps at Quate Newsnet to run from your USB key

  • Trump calls President Bush worst President in the history of the US

    I’m not a fan of President Bush. If you haven’t figured that out by reading my site, you haven’t been paying attention. That said, I do give him credit for doing the right thing when I think he has done so (but I do still have some articles planned in the near future to highlight […]

  • Recording industry again trying to chase off their audience

    Year after year, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) pursues tactics which drive away music listeners or turn the listening audience to other entertainment venues. Sueing the demographic most likely to listen to and purchase music in recent years wasn’t enough. Now to drive more potential customers away, recording industry representatives have plans to […]

  • Peer to peer distribution not just hurting recording and movie industry

    Over on TorrentFreaks, we get the story of Tony, a seller/distributor of counterfeit software in the 1990s.  He’s out of that business now, and he blames online P2P distribution.  Curse you BitTorrent, et al. Tony started his life of piracy sometime in the 1990’s working markets, car-boot sales and pubs in the UK, selling counterfeit […]