Trump calls President Bush worst President in the history of the US

I’m not a fan of President Bush. If you haven’t figured that out by reading my site, you haven’t been paying attention. That said, I do give him credit for doing the right thing when I think he has done so (but I do still have some articles planned in the near future to highlight what I think he has done wrong). I used to believe he was the worst President ever, but I’ve backed off of that. However, it turns out Donald Trump is prepared to make that declaration.

The comments associated with this article are interesting, too. They show a disturbing lack of understanding of politics. They show a disturbing bountiness of unintelligent thought. There are a few good comments, but not many. Bleh. This kind of stuff is why I avoided politics for so long, and why I get more annoyed with the American public as I learn more of the wrongs we are subjected to because of our so-called leaders. (via Digg)

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