Zelda DS first Zelda game to feature online play

Not much meat to this story. Here’s the full article about the coming Zelda for the DS, Phantom Hourglass:

San Francisco (CA) – Zelda will join the ranks of many other classic Nintendo franchises that have made their way online, with the release of Phantom Hourglass later this year.

In an interview with Game Informer magazine, Zelda co-creater Eiji Aonuma was asked if The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass will have online multiplayer battles. Without elaborating, he just said, “Yes.”

As with many other gamers with a long history of Nintendo gaming, I’m a sucker for the Zelda games. I hear the CD-Interactive Zelda games were horrid. But I’ve never played a bad Zelda game (and I totally skipped the CD-i generation because that whole technology looked stupid to me, even back then). I’m looking forward to Zelda on the DS. (via Joystiq)

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