Going to try WoW (World of Warcraft) – recommended reading?

Many months ago, I bought World of Warcraft (WoW) in a moment (well, a 6 week long period) of disappointment and frustration with the state of City of Heroes (CoH – look for me as global @RagManX1 or @RagManX2). I have yet to install WoW, as I did eventually get back into playing CoH, but I am considering trying out WoW just for an occasional change of pace. Given that, are there any recommended sites I should hit to learn the game better? Any particular guides I should read to help me decide my starting character?

I can tell you that in City of Heroes, I typically build min/max characters, or at least fairly power-efficiency focused ones. I also solo most of my play time, as play sessions can be 10 minutes, 6 hours, or anything in between for me, and many, many times I don’t often know in advance just how much time I’ll get to focus on the game. So I really want something that can solo well, but that is useful enough for a team if built well that I’ll be able to find a team. I don’t know that I’ll care enough about WoW to stick with it to the really high levels, so I don’t know that I’ll care much about being built for raiding. In CoH, I mostly play controllers, with scrappers being my main fallback class. In CoV, I mostly play brutes, with corrupters being my main fallback class.

Where do I go to get a good pre-install guide to help me know where to start, and what sites do I need to keep up with if I play a lot?

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