Anandtech forumites discuss freeware security products

I’ve been a reader of the Anandtech forums for far longer than is reasonable. I typically lose interest in such communities and move on to others way sooner than I have this forum. While browsing the forums last night, I ran across this thread on freeware security tools. Given that Anand’s site is so techie oriented, the forums are loaded with very knowledgeable techs. This thread shows that, and has a lot of great information on choosing and using anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, and other security tools. If you aren’t set up with malware protection on your system, consider choosing a recommended product from each category in this thread.

For even more security information and guidance from the Anandtech forums, look at this consolidated malware solution thread. It greatly expands on the information from the above-linked free security tools thread. In fact, this 2nd thread is the discussion responsible for the 1st thread. And these folks really know their stuff.

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