Day: January 6, 2007

  • Republicans demand minority rights they previously denied Democrats

    After you control the Congress for a while, you get a little cocky when the other side takes control don’t you? While the Republicans controlled things, the Democrats tried to get through a minority bill of rights which would offer some assurances of balance and protection for the rights of the minority party. Now that […]

  • The 10 weirdest stories in science – 2006

    I read frequently but don’t post about it here too often. I’m not sure why, as I find a lot of interesting things there. I expect because I don’t care to write up much about the stuff I read – I just want to point people there and say “Science news worth reading” and […]

  • Sony Pres. promises us more stuff we don’t want with PS3

    Continuing the apparently intractable path to PS3 irrelevance, Sony’s Ken Kuraragi is promising a PlayStation 3 based media center console. In other words, audio and video capabilities first, gaming second (if at all), in a device built around the Cell-processor platform. Ken says that the device would certainly be more expensive, reflecting the prices and […]

  • Traitors to humanity get to work

    Ahhhh, when shall I ever tire of highlighting the robot uprising moments as they play out? Never. Because I’ll never stop working to serve you, the nearly perfect specimens of humanity which visit virtual me to gain my brilliant insights on life, and protect you from being replaced by robots. It’s all about you, baby. […]

  • Upgrade your Muvo memory

    A DIY memory upgrade – take your Creative Muvo V200 mp3 playerfrom 512 Meg to 1024 Meg with a Flash memory upgrade (via MAKEzine blog)