The 10 weirdest stories in science – 2006

I read frequently but don’t post about it here too often. I’m not sure why, as I find a lot of interesting things there. I expect because I don’t care to write up much about the stuff I read – I just want to point people there and say “Science news worth reading” and have people go read it. I’m working on a new site for stuff like that, but don’t expect to have it running for a little while yet.

This time, there is an easy article to point to – the 10 weirdest science stories in 2006. Not much explanation needed for why I’d point that out, is there? Here are a few clips to show what you’ll be reading there.

  • Whales Found to Speak in Dialects
  • A New Wave: Scientists Write on Waterweirdest_2006_write_water_03.jpgUsing wave generators, scientists were able to write on water. The Advanced Multiple Organized Experimental Basin-AMOEBA-a circular tank created by researchers can form the roman alphabets and some characters used in Japanese. The device could soon find its way to your nearest amusement park.

  • Spider Cries Out While Mating(I understand this one. My wife does the same thing. At least, that’s what her boyfriend tells me)
  • Penis Transplant Removed After Two WeeksChinese doctors reported this year why they removed the transplanted penis of a 44-year-old man who had lost his own in an accident. The organ was removed two weeks after the transplant in 2005 because of psychological problems encountered by the man and his wife. Some researchers believe that if proper counseling had accompanied the procedure, the couple might have avoided amputating the organ.

    (So many jokes. Must maintain mature appearance.)

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