I thought “No!!!” was the key

med_sex_facts.jpgAccording to the January 1959 issue of Sexology magazine (sadly, no longer published – I learned of it from the always wonderful Modern Mechanix blog), the key to a mutually happy marriage is The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex. Thankfully, you can order it from the fine folks at Cadillac Publishing Company in New York.

Here are some of the things you can learn from this book, along with my guesses for the answers:

The climax in women

Typical male: They can do that?

The sex drive in women

Moderate to high when single. Non-existant after marriage.

Frigidity, its cause and cure

Caused by men. Cured by beer?

How to overcome premature climax in men

Remember – only the woman suffers. To the man, it is in no way suffering…

Why women fail to attain the climax

“Men” is the number one answer from our surveyed audience.

Complete mutual satisfaction

Typical male response: What does mutual mean?

Difference in the sex urges of men and women

Constant for men. Only when the man isn’t around for women.

Also includes illustrations such as:

  • The male sex organs
  • Color picture story of female sex organs
  • Pictorial story of woman’s “safe” days
  • Cross section of the hymen
  • Woman’s excitation curve

Those would be, in order – Pr0n, pr0n, ewwww, ewwww, and a flat line. Remember – I have the maturity of a 7-year old.

Curious to the contents of this book, I actually went seeking it. Turns out Alibris carries the book, although I ordered one of the two copies they have available. Hit Google and search for 0598174789 (the ISBN number of this book) to find it. You could probably also head to the Library of Congress and read it there, since they keep just about everything ever printed.

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