Israeli military: D&D = t3H weak-willed

I thought this kind of thinking went out of fashion 15 or 20 years back, but apparently the uppity-ups at the top of the Israeli Defense Forces think fantasy gamers are automatically suspect for security clearance.

Does the Israel Defense Forces believe incoming recruits and soldiers who play Dungeons and Dragons are unfit for elite units? Ynet has learned that 18-year-olds who tell recruiters they play the popular fantasy game are automatically given low security clearance.

“They’re detached from reality and suscepitble to influence,” the army says.

Although that is annoying, I must say that looks like a way to reduce your risk in the military. After all, who wants to send a security risk out on the dangerous missions? On the other hand, I guess the folks who don’t want to risk losing a soldier with high security clearance might see the weak-willed gamer losers (like me) as more disposable. Hmmmmm. Impass. Never mind.

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