I’ve just noticed that a number of articles I’ve sent to my auto-poster in the past week have not made it to the site. I’ll be fixing that tonight or tomorrow, and getting the stories up. Since some of the stories are a few days old now, they’ll seem even more out-of-date and irrelevant than usual. You can leave comments to the effect of how awesome I am, regardless, just to gain my favors for the day when I rule the world. I might not be so quick to kill you if you have feigned praise for me.

Of course, the irony is that I don’t know if this story will get posted by my automated article checker. So when I post it later, if necessary, it will set up some kind of time-loop paradox, possibly annihilating the entire universe mere micro-seconds after I get it onto the site. If that happens, let me apologize now, since we’ll all be too dead for me to apologize afterwards.